Asphalt New Construction

Wil-Pav knows new construction. Specializing in asphalt installation with the current or leading edge standards, we are ready for all aspects of new asphalt paving. We can aid in designing the sections of pavement needed, based on the required use of the improved surface. Wil-Pav, Inc. has performed new construction installations for MODOT, KDOT, multiple cities, schools, developers and individuals in the Kansas City area for 50+ years. Our experience and knowledge with new construction standards is real and our installation of those products is proven.

Asphalt Rehabilitation

Wil-Pav can restore existing asphalt pavements. There are times when a parking lot, street or alley don’t need complete restoration and we have solutions;

Overlaying – this process consists of adding surface course material to existing pavements – adds strength, durability, longevity and aesthetic to a previously paved surface.

Patching – This process involves saw cutting, removing and replacing an area to its original condition.

Sealcoating and striping – are always options to improve and extend the life of asphalt pavement. Wil-Pav can offer our clients the best solutions available whatever the asphalt rehab need is.


Wil-Pav has a division that specializes in earthwork. We have excavators, compactors, loaders and fine grade equipment with operators who know how to use them. We focus on excavation, grading and utility work. We have experience in roadwork, site development and civil construction. Wil-Pav has moved millions of yards of material in the Kansas City area over the years. If you need a mountain moved or puddle drained our earthwork division is sharp, fast and knowledgeable.